TIP! If you want to be a jump shooter, avoid pumping iron excessively. It’s possible to have excessive muscles when you play the perimeter.

Before succeeding at anything, you must research and learn how to do it. You shouldn’t think you can play basketball without learning about the game, either. The tips within this article are what makes pros as good as they are.

TIP! There are passes that can confuse the other team momentarily. How about the behind the back pass? Use the dominant hand whenever trying a behind the back pass.

Even professional basketball players spend a lot of time watching other people play basketball. Watch as many games on TV as you can. You will quickly notice all the different skills that they have which makes them a great player, then take what you learned and use it to help improve your own game.

TIP! Make use of hand signals so that wild passes can be avoided. One thing that can frustrate you when playing basketball is to try and pass while a player is trying to run to the basket.

If you are good at shooting the ball then the last thing you want to do is lift weights. Strong muscles are certainly useful for basketball, but you can overdo it if you plan to play on the perimeter. Some professionals develop their muscles so much that they are actually having a hard time with shooting.

TIP! A great way to stay prepared at all times is to always face the ball. You have to be aware of what is going on with the ball at all times.

Are you interested in being able to fool the other team? How about the behind the back pass? You want to grip the basketball with your strongest hand. Now, pull it behind your back. The last step is to flick your wrist in the direction you want the ball to land. This should should thoroughly fool your opponent.

TIP! Concentrate on your shoulders if you have gotten into a shooting slump. If you have bad shoulder position it doesn’t matter how great you are the shot isn’t going to go in.

Play basketball against yourself even during the off-season. These skills all help with muscle memory so you know just what to do when you’re playing in a game. Don’t worry! Solo games can help you immensely. Practice pivoting or doing free throws. There are always things that can be done.

TIP! If you’re quick on the basketball court, you have a built in advantage. If you want the advantage, you’ve got more quickly.

If you have a high school level basketball player for a kid, be sure their core muscles are properly trained. The core is the following areas: abdominal muscles, lower back muscles and hip muscles. A good core leads to a solid foundation and that is required to be very good at basketball. The stronger your core, the higher you will jump.

TIP! Have your games taped so you can play them back later and observe your court presence. Are you able to see missed opportunities or ways in which you could have improved? Assess yourself honestly, but don’t be a harsh critic.

Good footwork remains a vital part of basketball. You must be certain to get the good spot ahead of your opponent. Once there, you have to firmly claim the area as your own. Each of these skills is reliant on good footwork.

TIP! To get the rebound from the free throw your teammate is making, you need to do some fancy footwork. Your defender will move towards you, so figure out how to slither past him and grab the ball.

Ask your fellow team members which of your skills that they admire. What areas are your strong points? They may say you’re fast or that you share well. Determine what others like about your game and fine tune those skills.

TIP! Dribbling hard helps you protect the ball. The harder you dribble, the faster the ball will return to the cup of you hand.

If you’re shooting isn’t what you’d like it to be, make sure that your shoulders are in the correct position. When you’re in a shooting slump it usually means that your shoulders are not square to the hoop. Be sure shoulders always remain squared towards your hoop. Your dominant shoulder should also be lined up perfectly with the rim.

Free Throw

TIP! To make your three-point shot better, practice it from the minimum NBA approved distance. All other distance lines, high school, college and International, are not as far.

A routine can enable your free throw percentage to rise. If you aren’t consistent, you won’t make the basket. In order to make your free throw perfect, you’ll need to practice the shot many times and get into a routine. If you have a glitch in the routine, you are likely to miss your shot.

TIP! Only cease dribbling when you are prepared to shoot or pass. After you have stopped dribbling, your options are quite limited.

A key play on defense is to draw a charge. Turnovers are an important part of the game that can end up giving your team the upper hand. It can be a momentum changer by making the other team think twice about dribbling the ball into the lane.

TIP! Control the ball at a level that is below your knees. This makes it more difficult for the opposing players to get control of the ball from you.

An excellent tip to help you with shooting skills is to shoot the ball from different spots on the court. To get even better, try to practice dribbling and quickly shooting. Look at your target while you’re in the air, but not before that. In this way, you can simulate the conditions of the game and become more accurate.

TIP! Avoid double dribbling. A double dribble is when you stop dribbling, then start again.

Keep the action beneath your knees, if you can. This will lower the chances of your opponent being able to steal the ball. You need to bend your knees to have this happen, but you will be able to move along the court fast because you’ll be throwing off your defenders.

TIP! Make your opponent dribble with their weak hand. For instance, you could step toward a player on their right side to force them to switch to their left hand.

In order to be a more effective player, one thing you have to do is talk to teammates about strategies. Basketball is a sport played by a team. Playing with the same teammates often helps you understand what they are thinking. Everyone assists each other. You must communicate with your teammates so that you can all play better.

TIP! Try to stay calm as you shoot. Focus on the basketball hoop.

Be sure not to double dribble. Double dribbling happens when you’ve stopped dribbling once, and then start again a few seconds later. You only have two options once you stop dribbling, to shoot or pass. You cannot simply dribble again. This will lead to you having to turnover the ball to the opposing team.

TIP! Make passing an important element of your game. You can confuse the opposition with your passes.

Where you are before and following a rebound is going to mean the difference between possessing the ball or giving it to the other team. Use both feet to jump and then get the ball using both hands. Following a rebound, land with feet spread wider apart than shoulder width. In this way, you can stay balanced and hold the ball close.

TIP! You have to have a good pivot to play well. You must practice footwork so you can pivot without a thought and never become confused or entangled.

Learning to fix your own car would bring you a great sense of accomplishment. That said, except for becoming a better basketball player. That will leave you winning games and impressing your teammates.