TIP! Learn how to maneuver a crossover if you have the ball fairly often. Switch from one side to the other while dribbling.

Basketball has been watched and played for many years. Becoming a good basketball player requires lots of dedication and plenty of practice. Reading through the article here is going to teach you what you need to know, so continue on.

TIP! A bounce pass is an important technique to learn. Bounce passes need to be at waist level when received.

It’s natural to focus on offensive abilities when practicing the sport of basketball, but your practice time needs to focus on defense. In the end, it’s defense that consistently wins you games. While offensive players sometimes seem like the stars of the show, it is the efforts of defensive players that allow them to shine.

TIP! Make sure to practice catching passes. When you practice, drill yourself to pay attention to errant throws and passes that are picture perfect.

Look forward when dribbling. If you have to keep your eye on the ball when you’re dribbling, practice can remedy that. If you are just getting started, bring your ball with you everywhere. If you are heading down to the market, dribble as you go. By looking forward instead of at the basketball, you are able to see the happenings on the court.

TIP! Learn good passing by drilling often without dribbling. It’s hard to play without dribbling, however, it can help you and your team create more accurate passes.

A great way to bolster your basketball ability is to observe those who are considered to be the best in the sport. Get tickets to some pro games, if possible, or catch some games on television. Watch great players to learn the specific skills that make them exceptional.

TIP! Do you want to fool the other team? Consider the back pass. To do a back pass, begin by grasping the basketball using your dominant hand.

Concentrate on your shoulders if you have gotten into a shooting slump. Regardless of your skill level, if you don’t have your shoulders positioned correctly, you will miss. Be sure that your shoulders square up in front of the hoop. Try to line your dominant shoulder up with the rim.

TIP! To make sure there are no errant passes, use hand signals. Often in basketball, a player makes a pass at the exact same time the receiving player heads to another part of the court.

You need to be quick to be good at basketball. Try playing faster than the opponents for a better advantage. Steady drilling is the key to playing fast. However, you should not attempt to play any faster than your abilities permit. Playing beyond your capabilities will lead to bad passes and lots of turnovers.

TIP! If you’re on the offense, you footwork needs to be excellent to stay open for passes and shots. While physical presence under a basket is important, finding a decent spot before the opponent is even more so.

Practice passing while looking in other directions. This can go a long way toward confusing the opposition. By looking in the opposite direction, your teammate has a few extra seconds to make the shot. When done smoothly it can be a game changer.

TIP! Never turn away from the ball, so that you can always stay ready for anything. This helps keep you aware of the action, and it takes away the surprise factor.

Practicing with your weak hand will help to make you a better dribbler. Being ambidextrous on the court makes it more difficult for defenders to figure out what you will do next. Don’t allow yourself to use your dominant hand when practicing. Eventually, your weak hand will be able to dribble well.

TIP! When trying to improve your strength to have better basketball footwork, work on building up your core. With strong core muscles, you will have better balance.

To play good defense, you have to upset and disrupt your opponent. Don’t let your opponent get comfortable out there on the court. An aggressive approach is an effective one for this purpose. Do not let them call the shots. If you allow this to happen, your opponent will have the upper hand. Rather, you move first so that you interfere with their rhythm.

TIP! Videotape your games to see what you do right and wrong. Are you able to see what you’ve missed or things that you could improve on? Honestly and openly assess your own performance.

Good footwork can really help you to get those rebounds. The defender may be coming toward you, so its important to slip away from him and get the ball. Doing this lets you get a rebound freely and not commit a foul in the process.

TIP! In order to be successful with layups, the foot that is opposite from shooting hand is the one you should take off from. This will allow you to shoot with your comfortable hand.

To enhance your skills at shooting the ball from the outside, run drills every day from different locations on the court. To get even better, try to practice dribbling and quickly shooting. Once in the air, keep an eye on the target. But, be sure not to look at it beforehand. This will help improve your accuracy during a game.

TIP! Make it your goal to dribble the ball across the entire court in under 5 dribbles. This will help you to gain speed, stride length and control of the ball.

The game is much more enjoyable if you are able to understand and master some of the fundamental tips mentioned above. Read the article carefully and head out onto the court to get all of the practice you need before starting your next game. The next time you are on the court, think back to what you’ve just read.