TIP! You should practice against a variety of defense types, not just zone. Zone play will be important, but man-to-man will pop up from time to time, too.

Read on to learn more about basketball. You are a player with love for the sport. However, you cannot know everything there is to know about basketball, and all good players are aware of that fact. Read this article to find out if there is something you can use to make you a better player. Continue reading to see how to improve your game.

TIP! To be a good post-up player in the pain, you need to have really good footwork. Being physical under the rim is crucial, but having good positioning on the court is even better.

Look forward when dribbling. Anyone who watching the ball while they dribble surely needs to spend more time in the gym practicing. Wherever you go, take your ball with you. Dribble the ball while you’re walking around. If you’re trying to look at the ball then you’re not concentrating on what’s going on down the court.

TIP! If you experience a basketball injury, don’t keep playing. It’s a challenging sport that’s very physical, and you have the ability to get injured.

Know your strengths and they’ll help you become a better player. While you may have a particular skill that isn’t going to make you stand out as the star player, honing it can help you become an integral part of your team’s success. Knowing what you excel at and then practicing that can help you become perfect at it!

TIP! Make it your goal to never turn away from the ball on the court. This will give you court awareness and keep you from being surprised by quick passes or turnover potentials.

A great way to hone your own basketball abilities is to watch the pros. Go to as many pro games as possible, watch them on TV, or watch videos of them playing. Watch great players to learn the specific skills that make them exceptional.

TIP! To hold the ball right, spread your fingers out. This will help you to be sure that it won’t escape your grasp when trying to hold it.

It’s great to be quick in basketball. You will have the advantage over your opponents if you can really play fast. Fast play is a result of heavy drilling. Just don’t play any faster than you’re able to. If you push too hard, your performance may be haphazard, and the game may get out of control.

TIP! If you’ve developed somewhat of a shooting slump, focus on your shoulders. If your shoulders aren’t correct, you may not be able to make the shots.

Always be aware of the locations of your feet and what they’re doing. An errant toe to the baseline while holding the ball will result in an “out of bounds” call. Taking a lot of steps when you’re not dribbling means you’re traveling and that’s a turnover call. You can’t move a foot when you take a charge, pick or screen either, or it’s a foul.

TIP! Always be sure of where you’re placing your feet so you’re aware of what they’re doing. Stepping even over a baseline when you’re in possession of the ball will have you called out of bounds.

The best free throws come as a result of routine. It could be that you dribble several times, bend at the knees, brush your hair out of your eyes or do something else. As you adopt this routine, it becomes easier for your mind and body to prepare for the shot.

TIP! Have someone record the games you play so that you can watch it to check out your form. Looking at tapes can help you identify strengths and weaknesses.

Passing between your legs can be helpful when the other team is riding you hard. Practice this maneuver by bouncing the basketball between your legs while taking steps. If you get this down, you will have a major advantage on the court.

TIP! Being a good defensive player involves disrupting your opponent’s concentration. Do not allow your opponent to become comfortable with their style, or yours.

Dribble hard if you don’t want the ball taken from you. This speeds up the dribbling cycle, which means the person covering you has less of a chance to steal the ball each cycle. Stop dribbling when people guard you too closely.

TIP! Dribble with force to prevent the ball from being stolen. This makes the ball come back to you faster so the people on defense aren’t able to steal it as easily.

Drills should be done where you attempt to get your basketball up the court within five dribbles or even less than that. This will help you to gain speed, stride length and control of the ball. It will allow you to execute easy layups.

TIP! Perform drills in which you move the ball up the court in just five dribbles. You may find this very challenging, but once accomplished it will give you a real edge.

By using this advice, you ought to have a renewed enthusiasm for the game. When you learn something new, you can see how they will work. Keep all of this in mind and improve your natural talents. Basketball is a sport that is loved all over the world.