TIP! Focus on your strengths to get better at basketball. You can contribute to the team by consolidating your best skills, even if these skills do not make you one of the star players.

It is no wonder why so many people enjoy basketball so much; it’s a fast-paced, exciting sport. To be good at it, you have to understand the game. Read these tips to turn your weaknesses into strengths and be the best player possible.

TIP! Bounce passes are important in the game of basketball. Proper bounce passes ought to hit the recipient at the level of their waist.

Proper balance is essential when shooting. You’ve seen the pros fall out of bounds when trying to shoot 30 feet from the basket; this is a bad move. Taking a shot when you are off balance will probably lead to a turnover. By focusing on balance in your shot, you will develop the consistency needed to be a great scorer.

TIP! Free throws are as much mental as they are physical, like other parts of the game. With everyone watching, it can be easy to allow the pressure to interfere with your game.

Make sure you spend your time focusing on your strengths. You might not have star ability, but you can be an outstanding team player. Find you best position and then refine it until you are unbeatable.

TIP! If your son or daughter wants to play high school basketball, they need to work on core muscle training. The core is the following areas: abdominal muscles, lower back muscles and hip muscles.

You should practice against a variety of defense types, not just zone. Always try to anticipate when your opponent is going to switch up their game to catch you off guard. This can cause your team to lose momentum to the other side if this isn’t something you’ve practiced.

TIP! In order to handle the ball correctly, spread your fingers out. That makes it less likely that you lose control of the ball.

Jump shooters should not also be iron pumpers. Although it’s true that strong muscles are beneficial, additional bulk can impede your ability to play effectively along the perimeter. Some shooting guards that play professionally have such big arms that their field goal rate went down.

TIP! During your workouts, concentrate on improving your footwork as well as your core strength. Your balance will improve if you strengthen your core.

There are passes that can confuse the other team momentarily. Make use of the back pass. To accomplish this, grab the ball with the dominant hand. Move the ball so that it is behind you. Lastly, flick the wrist in the direction you want the ball to go. This is a good way to trick your opponents.

TIP! Quickness is something you have to have when playing basketball. If you can play quicker than the opposing team can, then you will be at an advantage.

Should you receive an injury during the course of the game, never try to continue playing despite the pain. It’s a challenging sport that’s very physical, and you have the ability to get injured. Pushing through the pain often results in a more serious injury. See a doctor if the injury is serious enough.

TIP! Create and stick to a routine each time you prepare to shoot a free throw. It could be that you dribble several times, bend at the knees, brush your hair out of your eyes or do something else.

What do your teammates admire about your skills? Are you skilled at something? They may say that you are a great team defender or are always playing with excellent speed. Discover what other people feel are your strongest skills and then set about perfecting them.

TIP! To gain greater dribbling skill, always practice with the weaker hand as well as the more dominant one. By being able to easily dribble with two hands rather than one, you have a huge advantage over your defenders.

Get someone to analyze how you play on tape. You may see things differently as you observe the game and notice things you missed in the game. Honestly and openly assess your own performance. Seeing yourself realistically can be a great way to make changes in a positive direction.

TIP! Ensure that you have good court awareness. You don’t just want to be able to pass and shoot well.

To gain greater dribbling skill, always practice with the weaker hand as well as the more dominant one. It will be much easier to blow past your opponent if you can dribble with both hands. Tie your strong hand to the rear of your back to ensure you only use your weaker hand. Your weak hand won’t be that for long!

TIP! When you have a chance, take a charge. This helps get the ball for the team and allows another foul on the opponent.

To avoid turning the ball over to the other team, make sure that you’re dribbling hard. This will make the ball come back to you faster, and the opponent will have a hard time to get it from you. When someone is right on top of you, pass the ball instead of dribbling.

TIP! Trip up the offense by constantly changing your pace. Sprint towards the hoop then quickly plant your foot, then straighten up.

Be sure that your site is good. Not to just be able to see the scoreboard, but to actually make a shot and catch a pass. You want to be sure that your peripheral vision is at its best. If you’re looking around the whole court and not only at the ball, you’ll be able to look to the defense to see if pressure is coming and you can see who’s open.

TIP! Have two of your guards wait for the point guard to go past midcourt for the best results. This is when they should trap him.

Change your pace up to throw the offense off. Sprint towards the hoop then quickly plant your foot, then straighten up. Your defender is going to assume that you’re slowing your speed and will start straightening up, too. When they do this, run ahead and push yourself forward.

TIP! While you’re dribbling the basketball it is wise to bend your knees. You will have a hard time controlling the ball if you always stand straight and opponents will be able to steal the ball.

Only cease dribbling when you are prepared to shoot or pass. After you have stopped dribbling, your options are quite limited. If you don’t shoot or pass, you can only pivot using your back foot. This causes you to be wide open to some double teaming by the other team and increase your chances of having the ball stolen.

TIP! A great way to improve your game involves communicating with teammates so that you can anticipate their moves. It takes the efforts of an entire team to succeed.

If possible, the action should remain below your knees. This will make your opponent struggle to steal the ball from you. You’ll have to bend over, but it will be worth the effort.

TIP! You have to change the path of your opponent. Whether you’re playing offense or defense, controlling what the other player does is essential.

Try different shots from different places on the basketball court. Practice your grip and balance first. It’s possible to shoot when not properly balanced, but the accuracy of such shots is diminished. The valve, which is located at the center of the ball, should help you perfect your grip. Center your dominant hand over the valve, and spread your fingers out from there.

TIP! Your should have good position both before and after a rebound to assure you keep the ball. Jumping with both feet creates a more balanced, powerful motion.

Basketball is an amazing sport to enjoy. The article also makes it clear that in order to play basketball well, you need to know the fundamentals. Follow these tips to enhance your game and play at the top of your ability.