TIP! Learn to correctly dribble the ball. When you dribble a basketball you have to use the fingertips instead of the hand’s palm.

Now’s the time to learn all about basketball. Everyone who loves basketball wants to excel at it. Yet you do not know all there is to know about being a good basketball player. This article will probably teach you some things you don’t already know. Read on to learn how to become a better basketball player.

TIP! Knowing how to perform a crossover is a must when you handle the basketball frequently. When you do a crossover, you move the basketball very fast from one hand over to the other hand.

To be a better basketball player you should concentrate on the things that make you great. Your team will benefit more if you stop trying to be the star of the game and work your best. Learn what your strengths are, then practice to perfection!

Bounce Pass

TIP! Passing the ball is an important part of playing basketball so practice making and receiving passes. During practice you should come up with drills where you perfect catching bad passes along with the good ones.

Every great player understands how to properly perform a bounce pass. If done correctly, a well-executed bounce pass will reach the player in a way that allows them to move immediately with the ball. Remember you should bounce the ball approximately three-quarters of the distance between yourself and the receiving player. Of course, there are factors that should be taken into consideration when passing using the bouncing technique.

TIP! Do you want to fool the other team? Try doing a back pass! To start, grab the ball using your good hand. Then, move the basketball around your rear.

Even professional basketball players spend a lot of time watching other people play basketball. Go to a bunch of professional games in person, watch them on television, or just get online to search for basketball videos. Every player has a skill that allows him to succeed. Practice their moves to become better.

TIP! If you are posting up, strategic footwork is important to becoming open and making a good shot. Although a strong presence in the key is important, beating your opponent to good spots on the floor is more important.

Don’t limit your practice to just playing against the zone defense. Usually, a big part of the game is probably going to be in zone; however, the opposing team can suddenly switch to man-to-man to catch you off guard. If your practice did not include this, you can quickly lose control of the game.

TIP! To hold the ball right, spread your fingers out. You are more likely to hold onto the ball this way.

Good footwork remains a vital part of basketball. Although physical presence under the basket is important, getting to a good spot before your opponent does is even more important. Having found a good spot, you must secure it. Strong footwork is key.

TIP! Build your core strength and work on your footwork. With strong core muscles, you will have better balance.

Understanding the opponent is key in beating a tough defense. Watch games if you can and look at their tendencies. For example, you should know which of the players are left-handed and which are right-handed. When you know your opponent, you will be better able to play an effective defensive game. Knowledge is power, even in basketball.

TIP! When you want consistently good free throws, repeat your routine. Perhaps you will dribble twice, follow up by bending your knees, pulling your earlobe or performing some other ritualistic action for good luck.

Practice passing while looking in the opposite direction. It can be very confusing to your opponents. If you do it right, the look makes members of the opposing team look in the wrong direction, which gives the person to whom you passed the ball plenty of time to make the shot. When executed properly, this is a powerful play.

TIP! It can help you when you pass through your legs. To practice this skill, bounce the ball between your legs so that it passes through as you step back and forth.

If you want to stay in a good defensive position, simply avoid breaking out of your defensive stance. Keep your feet moving to each side or push your opposing foot off so you can keep yourself in position. Never cross your feet and your opponents will find you a difficult player.

TIP! If you wish to dribble the ball better, you have to start using your hand that’s considered the weak one. Being able to effortlessly dribble with both hands gives you the ability to run both sides on an opponent and keep them off guard.

Strength and flexibility training can help your skills in basketball. Those who do very well at this sport have a combination of stamina and strength. Even young kids can improve if they exercise the right way and strengthen their core. As the teenage years approach, weights can be used for even greater impact. When they become an adult, weight training becomes mandatory.

TIP! Being a good defensive player involves disrupting your opponent’s concentration. Force them out of their comfort zone.

If you want to improve your outside shooting skills then you need to take hundreds of shots each day from all over the court. Practice dribbling and quick shots. When you are off the ground, keep your eye on the basket, but not earlier. This helps to simulate game conditions and improving your accuracy.

TIP! Drills should be done where you attempt to get your basketball up the court within five dribbles or even less than that. This seems an impossible feat when you start.

Dribble rhythmically until you are ready to throw your opponent’s guarding capabilities into disarray. Dribble consistently, then break it up by dribbling fast. This will keep your opponent off balance so you can get in a good shot. The change in speed and sound can surprise your opponent.

TIP! Be certain you are able to see well. Vision is an integral part of making shots and catching passes.

Foster a positive relationship with your team members regardless of whether you are playing or practicing. Basketball is a sport that goes so much further when a team truly connects. When you trust your teammates, you’ll play a better game.

TIP! If you want to do well in basketball, you need to build your strength. Strength, flexibility and stamina are all important things to have in basketball.

You need to be able to alter your opponents path. No matter what side of the ball you’re on, being able to direct your opponents movements is key to winning. That will ensure you control the game.

TIP! Only stop dribbling when you are prepared to shoot or pass the ball. Once you stop dribbling, you are extremely limited in your options.

When you’re getting down after catching the rebound, you should come down with spread out legs so that they’re wider than your shoulders to get good balance. Keep your elbows out to protect the ball and keep it close to your chest. Don’t let your elbows poke another player or you will gain a foul.

TIP! Be sure you’re doing the right kinds of exercises off the court to help you on it. Sprints helps with individual plays, and long-distance running gives you stamina.

Now that you’ve come to the end of this article, you are ready to get out there and play. It is terrific to learn new techniques and see how they help your game. Keep these tips close at hand so they can be put to good use. Have fun playing basketball!