TIP! Make sure you are dribbling the right way. When you dribble a basketball you have to use the fingertips instead of the hand’s palm.

No one will try to fix a problem with their car’s engine without researching how it is done right. If you don’t know what you’re doing in basketball, how can you possibly get better? In this article, we will discuss some of the top professional tips in the world of basketball.

TIP! You want to be prepared for any type of defense the other team plays. Your opponent may change their game up to keep you on your toes.

A lot of novice players mostly focus on their offensive skills, but developing good defensive skills will help you become a better player. Defense is what wins basketball games. Offense may be splashier, but lacking a solid defense, any team is sure to lose.

TIP! Passing quickly without dribbling is a great way to practice. It is quite challenging to play the game without dribbling, but it does make sure you and your teammates make accurate passes.

Dribble properly. You need to use the tips of your fingers rather than your hand’s palm when you are dribbling. When you do this you will have more control over the ball. Keeping the ball to your side will help it from getting in the way. You should always be looking up instead of at the ground.

TIP! Playing basketball does not require excessive muscle development. Muscle strength can be great for basketball players, but it is actually possible to have excessive amounts for playing on the perimeter.

In order to be a great shooter, good balance is key. Everyone has watched a pro player drift out of bounds while still making their shot, but this isn’t something to emulate. They are going with the flow when this occurs. Keep your balance so you can consistently win points.

TIP! Understanding your opponent is a good way to shut him down on defense. Review tapes and keep up with scouting reports.

If you want to improve your game, concentrate on your strengths. You might not have star ability, but you can be an outstanding team player. Learn what your strengths are, then practice to perfection!

TIP! If you are shooting as well, pay attention to the position of your shoulders. When your shoulders are positioned improperly, you will never make the basket regardless of how good your abilities are.

Practice your layup shot as frequently as possible. Layups comprise approximately 80 percent of all shots. When you practice, run toward the net, and then get a high jump in so you can smoothly shoot. Knowing how to run and jump quickly and smoothly will assist you in knowing how to leap and shoot more effectively while playing.

TIP! Quickness is a virtue in basketball. You need to be faster than the opposing team if you want the advantage.

Successful free throws require you to be mentally and physically strong. Making the right physical motions is easier than having the right mind set. Relax and concentrate on your basket to increase your free throws.

Practice Catching

TIP! If an opponent is staying with you, try passing the ball between your legs. Try practicing this by bouncing your ball hard in between your legs while stepping forward or backward.

It is important to practice catching the ball from others as much as passing. Practice catching errant throws along with perfect passes. This will help to improve your game when it gets intense. Be a better teammate by anticipating a bad pass to make sure it doesn’t get into the opponents hands.

TIP! Hard dribbling helps avoid stolen balls. This causes the ball to return to your hand more quickly, so the offense has less time to try to get it away from you.

If there’s no one around to play with, it is okay to play a basketball game by yourself. Even if you can’t get a bunch of people together to play, you can still practice on your own. There’s nothing wrong with that. There are many ways that you can improve your game alone. Work on free throws and pivot moves. You don’t need other players to work on your skills.

TIP! Keep low as you defend. This helps your reaction time against your opponent.

If you have student that wants to play basketball for their high school team, they will need to spend some time training their core muscles. The core is the following areas: abdominal muscles, lower back muscles and hip muscles. Without a strong core, a player’s performance may not be as good as it could be. A strong core helps the legs move better, like jumping higher and running faster.

TIP! Concentrate your ball-handling below knee level whenever possible. This prevents your opponents from stealing the ball.

To keep passes under control, make use of hand signals. It can be frustrating to attempt to pass the ball to a team mate as that person is heading toward the basket. You can stay away from doing this if you use a hand signal to see if someone is ready for a pass. Without a signal, the ball controller shouldn’t make a pass.

TIP! Communication with your team mates is crucial to your overall success. Your actions and strategies must not be kept to yourself.

Make sure your fingers are apart from one another when dribbling. This can help you to remain in control of the ball at all times. Do not allow the palm of your hand to make contact with the ball. You should only let the fingers touch the ball during passing or shooting.

TIP! You need to practice many types of shots on the basketball court. Start out by practicing grip and balance.

Boost your defensive abilities by studying the opposing team and its players. Make sure that you’ve watched tapes that show the other player. You can also check out scouting reports. For example, you might look to see which players favor their left side and which have dominant right hands. If you know their game, you can defend against it. A person that knows about defending makes a strong defender.

TIP! Where you are before and following a rebound is going to mean the difference between possessing the ball or giving it to the other team. If you need to get up with power, use the strength of both legs when you jump and both arms to grab the ball.

Being able to fix your own car provides you with great pride unrivaled by other situations. Find out how these useful tips can make you a better basketball player. This can help you to impress your teammates, and help you to win games.

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