TIP! A lot of novice players mostly focus on their offensive skills, but developing good defensive skills will help you become a better player. Basketball games are won more often by defense than offense.

Basketball is a wonderful sport that fits every gender type. It does not matter what someone’s gender, age or race might be, anyone can enjoy a fun game of basketball. The next time you’re playing a game, show your friends your new moves. What new skills do you mean? Continue reading this article to learn new things that you can try.

TIP! Practice your layup shot as frequently as possible. You should expect layups to represent about 80% of all the shots you take in a game.

Learn proper dribbling. Don’t use your palm to dribble. Instead, use your fingertips. This way you’ll have a lot more control over the ball. Bounce only at the level of your waist at the side and not in front. Keep your head up and do not look at the ground.

Paying Attention

TIP! You should ask your teammates about your strengths and weaknesses. Do they feel you are really good at something? Perhaps you have good dribbling skills or maybe your footwork is enviable.

When dribbling the basketball you should keep your head up. Anyone who watching the ball while they dribble surely needs to spend more time in the gym practicing. Take the ball with you wherever you go. If you are heading down to the market, dribble as you go. Paying attention to the ball means you’re not paying attention to the rest of the game.

TIP! Always be aware of your feet. Out of bounds will happen with even one toe over the baseline of the lined play area on the court.

One way to help improve your overall basketball skills is to spend some time watching what the pros do. Get tickets to some pro games, if possible, or catch some games on television. Watch great players to learn the specific skills that make them exceptional.

TIP! Watch your own recorded games, and look for weak areas. You can see where you can improve and what plays you missed.

If you are good at shooting the ball then the last thing you want to do is lift weights. Muscle strength can be great for basketball players, but it is actually possible to have excessive amounts for playing on the perimeter. You might see a decrease in your goal percentages if your biceps become too large.

TIP! Develop a routine to use every time you shoot a free throw. This may mean you want to dribble three times, touch your forehead, bend at the knees, or do anything else.

Build hand signals so passes are more successful. One of the more frustrating aspects of basketball is making a pass to a teammate at the same time they head to the basket. Players should use hand signals often when available for a pass. If no signal is displayed, a pass ought not be made.

TIP! Practice passing while looking the opposite direction. This should befuddle your opponent.

Spreading out your fingers is key to handling the ball correctly. You are more likely to hold onto the ball this way. Don’t let your palm touch the ball either. You should only let the fingers touch the ball during passing or shooting.

TIP! A great way to stay in a correct defensive stance is to always stay in position no matter what. Slide both feet side to side, or just push off using the opposite foot.

Boost your defensive abilities by studying the opposing team and its players. Follow the scouting reports and watch tapes of their games. Know the dominant hand of every player. Once you understand the opposition, you will now how to mount your defense. The more knowledgeable a defender is, the stronger he is.

TIP! You can improve your shooting skills by practicing with shots from different spots on the court. Also practice transitioning from dribbling to a quick shot.

Quickness is something you have to have when playing basketball. Gaining agility and speed will give you the upper hand when playing a game of basketball. You have to be steady as you play quickly. Do not try playing faster than you can. You will not be able to control your moves if you play faster than you are able to.

TIP! Keep dribbling until it is time to shoot or pass the ball. When you stop dribbling, then you limit your options.

Have a friend or family member tape your games so you can view how you appear on the court. You may see things differently as you observe the game and notice things you missed in the game. Do not waste time criticizing yourself. Just make an honest assessment. A realistic view of yourself can be quite helpful.

TIP! Dribble in a rhythmic way until you desire to catch the opposing player off guard. Changing your pace can confuse them.

Stay low when playing defense. This stance will keep you ready for whatever comes your way. Maintain your proper defensive stance no matter what. When you break your stance to block, return to proper form as quick as you can.

TIP! When rebounding, hit the floor with your legs wide apart. Keep the ball to your chest and hold it with two hands.

A powerful play called the trapping machine, is to have your guards wait for the point guard to come just past midcourt. At this point, your guards must rush the point guard thus trapping him. It also lets you have forwards on blocks sprint to the wing players. The point guard will toss a pass that can easily be stolen by your forwards.

Nba Range

TIP! When you play defense, try forcing the opposing player to the sideline. If you allow your opponent to work along the center of the floor, there’s no telling what will happen.

Try practicing three pointers from the NBA range in order to be a more effective three point shooter. High school lines, International standard lines, and college lines are closer. If you can score from NBA range, you’ll enjoy open looks at deeper range than your opposition.

TIP! When working out, make sure to jot down what you must achieve. A lot of players have no plan for working out.

You can improve your shooting skills by practicing with shots from different spots on the court. To improve even more, practice dribbling the basketball and then pull up fast for a quick shot. Only lift your head up to check out the target once you are in the air. This improves your accuracy.

TIP! Communication is important in a game of basketball. You should do this while practicing.

To keep your opponent on their toes, keep your dribbling steady and regular, then surprise them. Changing your pace can confuse them. It’s not just the speed, it’s the change in sound too that can stymy the person guarding you.

TIP! The pump fake is a great shot to use. When done correctly, the pump fake can really work to your advantage.

Work together with the other players on the team. A good basketball team usually comes from having a team that is gelling and in sync with one another. When you trust your teammates, you’ll play a better game.

TIP! Make sure none of your opponent’s shots go uncontested. Keep your arms up and spread out to protect the basket from a possible shot.

If you find yourself guarding against a large opponent, just stay in between the ball and them. In this position you prevent them from receiving a pass and shooting it over your head.

Practice Dribbling

TIP! Always concentrate so you can build your skill set quickly. This includes concentrating during drills and practice too.

Practice dribbling harder as part of your routine. The harder you dribble the ball, the faster it is moving. That means it is harder for the opposing team to steal, and you maintain possession. Practice dribbling with full force as much as possible.

TIP! Develop a routine which works on the skills you most want to bolster. Practice your moves using drills.

Now that you know how to play, you can be confident when you play. You may even know information now that your friends do not. Enjoy the game every time you play. Play anytime you get a chance and make having fun a priority, even though you should also look for ways to implement the strategies you just read.

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