TIP! Knowing how to perform a crossover is a must when you handle the basketball frequently. Crossover dribble is switching hands while you’re dribbling.

Men and women, young and old alike, enjoy basketball as a sport. People from all walks of life are able to have a lot of fun when playing a game of basketball. Your friends will definitely be impressed by your moves if you practice. What new moves, you ask? Keep reading to learn what sorts of things you can do.

TIP! Make sure you spend your time focusing on your strengths. Your skills may not turn you into the star player, but knowing how to make the most of your skills will make you a more valuable player.

Practice your free throw shot. That’s a shot that appears simple but is actually difficult in reality. The following technique should be practiced often. Start with the ball held out from your face. Then, look at the ball and visualize it going in the basket. Shoot the ball how you imagine it going in.

TIP! Frequently train yourself on your pass catching moves. Try to catch all of the passes that are thrown to you.

Perfect your layup technique. Since layups account for the majority of scoring in a game. Run full tilt to the basket, then smoothly jump and shoot. This running and jumping technique will help you learn how to jump and shoot better during the game.

TIP! You can learn to trick the opposing team. Try a pass back! Hold the ball in your strong hand to start the pass.

Work on pass catches. When you practice, mix it up so that you can catch perfect passes and errant throws. Some passes may be too high, too low or off target, so you should practice receiving passes often. You and your team mates will be happier if you (and they) are more versatile.

TIP! Bad passes can be avoided with the right hand signals. It is very frustrating when a teammate isn’t open for the perfect pass.

Remember to practice a lot of different possibilities so that you will not limit your game. Most of the game is played in zone, but your opponent may try to switch things up to do man-to-man coverage. You may lose control of the game if you aren’t prepared.

TIP! Never play through an injury when playing basketball. It’s easy to be hurt when playing basketball.

Lay off the weights if you are trying to become a jump shooter. It’s possible to have excessive muscles when you play the perimeter. As a shooting guard, having bulky arm muscles can actually reduce the number of successful shots.

TIP! Build your core strength and work on your footwork. This allows your body to be in balance and be more explosive on the court.

You may get injured while practicing or playing. Don’t try to play if you are hurt. Basketball is challenging physical sport and you can get injured. You may injure yourself more if you continue to play with an injury. Seek medical advice immediately if you have more than a minor muscle strain.

TIP! Have someone taper your games and then watch it to see how you look on the court. Do you see anything you could do differently? Appraise your performance honestly but don’t be overly harsh with yourself.

If you’re shooting isn’t what you’d like it to be, make sure that your shoulders are in the correct position. When you’re in a shooting slump it usually means that your shoulders are not square to the hoop. Your shoulders should be facing the hoop. Your dominant shoulder must be lined up with the rim.

TIP! In order to be good at rebounding the ball off a missed free throw, you must be quick with your feet. Slip around the defender moving your way and get the ball.

It’s great to be quick in basketball. Try to play faster than your opponents for an advantage. Fast play is a result of heavy drilling. Do not try playing faster than you can. Playing beyond your speed cause the game to get out of control with various turnovers and errant passes.

TIP! Always maintain a defensive stance when you are trying to properly defend the goal. Use your opposite foot to push with or slide your feet around.

To become a better free throw shooter, use the same routine prior to every shot. You could dribble twice, touch your forehead, bend your knees, or some other kinds of movements. Having a consistent routine is ideal, and that helps train your body to know how to be in the proper position every time you shoot the free throw.

TIP! In order to improve your game, make sure you do plenty of strength training. Stamina and physical strength are required for basketball excellence.

Make your forearms and hands stronger so you can handle the ball better. Exercises that involve strengthening the wrist are especially helpful for dribbling. Basketball requires its players to move quickly, shoot accurately and pass well. Motion is key to being successful on the court.

TIP! When you’re working with defense, staying low is a good idea. This will let you get to the jump quicker and let you react to your opponent easier.

Stay low when you play defense. Doing this allows you to have quick reactions, especially to your opponent. You always want to have a strong defensive stance on the court. When you have to break out of stance to block a shot, get back into form as quickly as possible.

TIP! To turn a normal 2-3 zone into a trapping machine, have your top two defenders (your guards) wait until the point guard has come about ten feet past the time line (midcourt). They can then run toward the point guard to trap him.

When you dribble, bend your knees. When you are rigid, the ball is not only hard to control, it is also an easier target for a rival to steal. Slightly bending your knees improves ball control significantly.

TIP! You should keep the ball below the knees if you’re able to. The other team’s players will have a difficult time stealing the basketball from you.

Work on your 3 point shot by shooting from the established NBA distance. All the other lines are closer. If you can score from NBA range, you’ll enjoy open looks at deeper range than your opposition.

TIP! Practice rhythmic dribbling up until the point you wish to shake an opposing player. By mixing up your regular dribbling rhythm with a faster pace, you will throw your opponent off guard, perhaps leaving you with an open shot or pass.

Dribble rhythmically until you are ready to throw your opponent’s guarding capabilities into disarray. The opposing player expects you to maintain that rhythm, so when you switch things up you create an element of surprise. The speed is important, but it works in tandem with the sound to disorient the player who is guarding you.

TIP! If a shooter is located at a corner, their missed attempt is likely to waft to the opposite side. Pay attention to this as you prepare for a rebound.

Your diet is key to being a better player. You use a lot of fuel playing basketball so a lot of carbs is needed, as well as adequate protein and fats. One way to keep your body in basketball shape is to incorporated grains and proteins into your diet. Limit your consumption of salt and sugar.

TIP! Make passing an important element of your game. Passing helps confuse the opponent.

Practicing your skills will ensure that you are confident whenever you play. You might even have some tricks up your sleeves that your friends don’t know about. Have fun and keep practicing. Apply the knowledge you have learned here and you will be winning games and having fun in no time!