Soccer can be so rewarding. You must be a sports fan in some capacity, if you weren’t, you would not be reading this. To get better, you must obtain the right skills and knowledge. Keep reading for some expert tips on the great game of soccer.

Always attempt to avoid a collision between yourself and another player whenever possible. Try to anticipate your opponent’s movements to avoid contact. This will help you retain possession and will also prevent injury.

Use the inside of the foot to kick the ball if you want to improve short pass accuracy. Long passing can be improved upon by kicking the ball off the front part of your foot, down towards the laces. That gives you lots of power.

Remember that soccer is a team sport. This is important to remember. Playing for your own glory is a recipe for disaster, particularly for your teammates. Play for the whole team. Forgoing personal glory for the good of the team often leads to success.

Lofting a ball is hard to control. Keep the ball low when you pass, and move it around quickly. Lofted balls can be used if you’re trying to pass to someone that’s far away in an empty space.

If you’re in possession of the ball and you have people coming at you, pretend like you’re about to pass to someone. This will make them pause and give you more time to make a decision. Therefore, don’t be afraid to use a lot of animation, and your game will significantly improve.

Practice soccer with players who have experience. Doing this will cause you to be challenged, which will cause you to naturally improve. Ask what you can and learn from them. Most players like to teach skills to other players. If you are having trouble finding experienced players, scout out local games and then ask several players there if they would be willing to mentor you.

Become a more skilled decision maker by practicing set plays. An example would be working with your teammates to practice corner kicks or direct shots. When you practice these kinds of plays regularly, it can help you during game play.

Learn from the mistakes you’ve made. If the ball is taken from you when you dribble, learn the reason why. Compare your technique to other players who are more successful dribblers. If dribbling is something you can’t do well, see if a teammate can help.

When you are trying out for a soccer team, make sure that you show off moves you know well and avoid doing things that you are not totally comfortable with. Tryouts are no time to try a move or technique that you’re not 100% confident of performing.

Soccer Ball

Learn to properly kick the ball. A soccer ball requires more than just kicking of it. Place your kick at the base of the ball so it goes higher in the air. Wedge your foot under the soccer ball and lean backwards.

Try to move your body as much as you can. Try to lean left when you are really going right. Use your arms wisely as a means to distract those attempting to block shots and passes.

To be a winner, you must be a winner in your mind. When you believe that you can win, you will be more confident and play at a higher level. When you have a winning attitude, you’re able to cheer your team to success.

Instead of only training with your strong foot, give both of your feet just as much attention. You’ll have much more versatility if you have trained both feet to be strong. By having two strong feet, you can play both sides of the field and can defend the ball better.

You should have a plan laid out for your soccer game. Hesitating often results in ineffective plays. Try to keep your mind in an attack or offensive mode. When you’re the one working with the ball, you have to think about how to get to the goal quickly.

Ensure that you maintain your head held high so you can see everything that’s happening around you. This is not easy, so practice may be necessary. Even if the ball isn’t close to you, have your head up. That allows you to watch your opponents. Obviously you need to know where the ball is, but you don’t want to focus down on it for too long.

With the information you just read, all that is left to do is put it to good use. Keep in mind that dedication and practice are very important. Remember what you have read, and you will be a much improved player.