TIP! When you dribble, look forward, keeping your head up. If you need to look at the ball while dribbling, you’ll need to practice more.

Basketball is all the rage in this world. That said, it isn’t easy to master. While you must have some natural talent to be a star, you can have fun no matter what your skill set is. The following tips will help you learn more about the sport in general.

TIP! Proper balance is essential when shooting. You have seen some crazy shots made by professionals, but these shots aren’t going to be based on fundamentals.

Make sure you spend your time focusing on your strengths. You can contribute to the team by consolidating your best skills, even if these skills do not make you one of the star players. Ask others to help you identify your strengths and practice until you fully master these skills.

TIP! Practice your layup shot often. In a typical game, up to four-fifths of all shots are layups.

Be sure to get lots of practice on layups. You should expect layups to represent about 80% of all the shots you take in a game. Whenever you practice, approach the goal full speed, jump and take a smooth shot. That technique of running and jumping helps you get ready for an actual game.

TIP! You should learn the best way to throw a great bounce pass. In order for a bounce pass to be sufficient, the person should receive the ball around their waist.

Free throws are as much mental as they are physical, like other parts of the game. You are able to train your hands and legs to free throw well, but if you think you will fail, you will. Relax and concentrate on your basket to increase your free throws.

TIP! Would you like to pull one over on the other team? Make use of the back pass. Hold the ball in your strong hand to start the pass.

Play basketball against yourself even during the off-season. It is possible to enjoy this team sport even in the absence of your team. That’s fine. You’ll still be able to get a lot done when playing solo. Work on your pivot moves or practice your free throws. There is no shortage of things you can do.

TIP! Play basketball against yourself even during the off-season. Sometimes during off season, or when practicing, you can’t play as a team or find even a single opponent.

Videotape your games to see what you do right and wrong. Are you able to see missed opportunities or ways in which you could have improved? It is important that your assessment is an honest one, but isn’t overly critical. Seeing yourself realistically can be a great way to make changes in a positive direction.

TIP! If you have student that wants to play basketball for their high school team, they will need to spend some time training their core muscles. Core muscles include the hips, abs, and lower back.

If an opponent is staying with you, try passing the ball between your legs. Bounce the ball very hard through your legs while stepping to the front or the back. If this move is something you master, you’ll have an advantage when you go out to play a game.

TIP! If you’re injured when playing basketball, don’t push through the pain. Basketball is hard to play well even when you are healthy, so don’t push it.

A consistent routine will help you to achieve great free throws. Inconsistent shooting will lead to inconsistent results. Repetition is an excellent way to improve your ability to make each free throw. Stick with a routine until you can perfect it. You’ll miss if you don’t have a good routine down.

TIP! Never have your back to the ball so that you’re ready for anything in a basketball game. This can help you to avoid surprises by fast passes, help you keep an eye on the rest of the court, and allow you to spot potential turnovers.

If an opponent charges at you, let him run into you. When you do that, you can earn defensive stops, get the ball back, and set up foul shots against the other team. This is play that’s powerful.

TIP! When trying to improve your strength to have better basketball footwork, work on building up your core. You will stay balanced if your core is strong.

If you want to stay in a good defensive position, simply avoid breaking out of your defensive stance. Slide your feet to and fro or use your opposing foot to push off to maintain your position. Don’t ever allow your feet to cross to become a hard player to pass.

TIP! Have a friend or family member tape your games so you can view how you appear on the court. While reviewing the tape, look for opportunities you may have missed during the game.

If you want to put pressure on the offense, you need to change the pace of things. Try to block the net by planting your foot hard. The offense will believe that you’re stopping or slowing down and may follow in your steps. After that, push hard in a forward motion and scoot by them.

TIP! If the opposing team is breathing down your neck, it’s a good idea to pass the ball between your legs. You can train for this maneuver by stepping forward or backwards as you bounce the ball real hard in-between your legs.

Are you ready to show everyone what you’ve got? Well, perhaps you would like to practice first. Use these tips to take your game to a whole new level. By practicing these pointers, you are sure to see improvement much sooner than later.