TIP! Many people forget that defense is as important as offense during practice. You can win a game, thanks to good defense.

Basketball has really taken off in popularity. People play pickup basketball games in their driveway. Nearly every playground has a basketball court. It is an official Olympic sport and NBA stars are known throughout the world. Of course, anyone who plays wants to be a star player and win the game. While you can’t win them all, you sure can bring your game to the next level.

TIP! Practice your free throw shot. As easy as these shots may seem, they are rather hard.

Focusing on the offense may come easily but you need to be able to focus on the defense as well., Many times, defense actually wins the game. Offense receives all the glory, but it is nothing without the best defense.

TIP! When dribbling, focus on what’s in front of you by keeping your head up. If you have to keep your eye on the ball when you’re dribbling, practice can remedy that.

Always keep your head up when dribbling instead of focusing on the ball. Looking at your ball when you dribble indicates that you haven’t practiced enough. Make the basketball an extension of your body, taking it wherever you are. Dribble while walking to the store. If you look at the ball, you’re unable to see what’s going on down the court before you.

TIP! A great way to hone your own basketball abilities is to watch the pros. Watch as many games on TV as you can.

To improve your game, concentrate on your strong points. While you may have a particular skill that isn’t going to make you stand out as the star player, honing it can help you become an integral part of your team’s success. You can also focus on your weaknesses if you know what they are.

Bounce Pass

TIP! Practice passing while looking the opposite direction. It can be very confusing to your opponents.

Teach yourself how a bounce pass can be properly thrown. In order for a bounce pass to be sufficient, the person should receive the ball around their waist. Try bouncing it about three-quarters to them. But, a series of other considerations can require you to make adjustments.

TIP! In order to become better at dribbling the ball you should learn how to practice using your weak hand. Getting by an opponent should be a lot easier if you can dribble using both hands.

Hitting free throws is a mental challenge as well as a physical one. It is possible to practice the physical movements needed to make such a shot, but when your mental focus is lacking, you are likely to miss. Relax yourself and concentrate on your shot.

TIP! You must disrupt and upset the play of your opponent if you want to be successful as a defensive player. Make them feel uncomfortable and to where they’re second guessing their next move.

To properly handle the ball, you have to spread your fingers out. This will help prevent the ball from getting away from you while dribbling. Also, keep your palm off the ball. Whether you are passing or shooting the ball, your fingers are the only part of your hand that should be touching the ball.

TIP! You can improve your shooting skills by practicing with shots from different spots on the court. To improve even more, practice preparing for a shot quickly after dribbling the ball.

Speed is everything in the sport of basketball. To get an advantage over an opposing player, you must have the quickest reactions. To increase your quickness, you must practice playing fast while running drills. But don’t try to go even faster than you actually are. Playing beyond your own capabilities sends the game spinning past your ability to control it, and turnovers are bound to occur.

TIP! Continuously dribble the ball until you have an opening to pass it to one of your teammates, or you are prepared to shoot. If you stop dribbling, then you don’t really have that many options.

To be a good dribbler, and a more versatile player, you have to develop not only your dominant hand but your weaker side as well. When you are ambidextrous, you’ll be a better player. Tie the main hand you use behind your back so that you have to use the weak hand. Soon, you will be able dribble with your weaker hand as well as you can with your dominant hand.

TIP! You should practice your dribbling while switching your balance from right to left. This will have you ready for a game, when you will need to move any direction on a moment’s notice.

Work on making your forearms and hands stronger in order to improve ball handling. An exercise to help develop your basketball skills is to perform wrist curls. One thing that is important to remember is that it is difficult to be static and be a scorer. While this does happen on occasion, you should be moving in order to execute the play.

TIP! Practice a variety of shots from different locations on the court. Initially, you need to practice both your grip and your balance.

A great way to make sure you’re in a good position defensively is to keep yourself in the defensive stance. Use your opposite foot to push with or slide your feet around. Keep your feet from crossing to make it hard for your opponent to get by you.

TIP! If you’re training to become a very good basketball player then start changing your diet. If you’re playing regularly, you need energy-loaded carbs as well as some fat and protein.

Use wrist curls to increase the strength in your weaker arm. The more dextrous you become with it in your daily life, the better able you will be to control it. This also can significantly help your basketball game.

TIP! As you come off a rebound, come down with legs that are spread out wider than the broadness of your shoulders. This will increase your balance.

If possible, keep action beneath the knees. This prevents your opponents from stealing the ball. It will be necessary to bend over, but you should be able to get down the court faster.

TIP! The position you are in before and after your rebound will determine whether you get to keep the ball or not. Jump with both of your feet to have more balance and power and then get the ball gripped with both of your hands.

Foster a positive relationship with your team members regardless of whether you are playing or practicing. Basketball is one of those games that goes to another level when a team gels completely. If you think you know each of your teammates really well and trust them, then your game improve, and theirs too.

TIP! If you have to guard a taller or bigger player, concentrate on remaining between that person and the player with the ball. That should make it difficult for the ball to be passed to them.

Bettering your game can be done in many ways. Many require nothing more than a commitment to practicing them often. Practice is the key to learning anything, so practice often to help improve your game. Whether you are practicing to play competitively or just for fun, the information in this article will improve your game.