TIP! It is tempting to concentrate just on offense when just staring out, but defensive practice is absolutely vital. Basketball games are won more often by defense than offense.

A lot of people love the game of basketball. It is a simple game that can be appreciated by everyone. Being good player also means having good sportsmanship and working as part of a team. If you seek to know more about this game, keep reading.

TIP! Focus on your strengths to get better at basketball. You can contribute to the team by consolidating your best skills, even if these skills do not make you one of the star players.

Watch your form while you dribble the ball. When you dribble, only use your fingertips instead of your palms. Using your fingertips provides you with more control. Dribble to the side of your body rather than directly in front of you, bouncing at waist level. Look up, not down.

TIP! You need to be quick to be good at basketball. Speed always gives you an edge over your opponent.

When dribbling, your head must be up, and you need to look forward. If you have to look at the ball while dribbling, that means you need to practice more. Take the basketball to all the places that you go. Dribble as you walk to the market. If you look your ball, you can’t see the court.

Bounce Pass

TIP! If your opponent is pressing hard, you can give yourself some room to work by dribbling the ball between your legs. To practice, simply bounce the basketball between your legs while stepping either forward or backwards.

You should learn the best way to throw a great bounce pass. A good bounce pass should hit the player on the receiving end at waist level. Aim for a firm bounce pass that hits the ground around 3/4 of the distance between you and the intended player. Many other factors will affect it, too.

TIP! Change up your pace so that you are not predictable to the offense. As you approach the goal, plant your foot and then straighten up.

Watch the pro’s play if you want to improve your game. Go to actual games or watch on TV. Every truly great player has unique skills that you can learn from.

TIP! In basketball, strength is important, so do strength training. It’s important to have stamina and strength when playing basketball.

One good way to learn good passing is drill often without dribbling. While this may be difficult, it gets you used to finding teammates and thinking on the run. Don’t be frustrated by how hard it is at first; you will get used to it.

TIP! Stay low when playing defense. This allows you to jump faster and increases your reaction time should the person you’re covering do something.

Keep your weight lifting to a minimum as a jump shooter. Though muscle strength is great to have with any sport, it is very possible to be too buff for serious game play. You might see a decrease in your goal percentages if your biceps become too large.

TIP! You can make the 2-3 zone a lot more dangerous by having two defenders stay in this zone until a point guard is beyond the time line. After he crosses the midcourt line, they should run and trap him.

Before, during and after the season, play out games by yourself. There are times you may not find anyone to play with you. No problem! Playing on your own can give you the chance to work on isolated areas of your game. Practice pivoting or doing free throws. This will help improve the hard parts of your game.

TIP! To make your three-point shot better, practice it from the minimum NBA approved distance. The international line is much closer.

If you have a kid that wants to play basketball in high school, be sure they’re working on their core muscles. Focus on hips, lower back and abs. The lower and upper extremities are linked by the core, and athletes with a weak core will exhibit limited performance. A strong core provides a center of force that can be tapped through the legs while running and jumping during games.

TIP! Be sure you do the sort of off-court exercises that help you during games. Distance running will help with stamina and sprinting can help with individual plays.

Ask your fellow teammates if they have an opinion of your skills in the game. What are your your best skill areas? They may say you’re fast or that you share well. Find out what your strong points are in the eyes of others. This way you can develop your most valuable skills.

TIP! Dribble rhythmically until you are ready to throw your opponent’s guarding capabilities into disarray. You can surprise the opponent by changing up your dribbling.

Understanding your opponent is a good way to shut him down on defense. Watch tapes and stay up on scouting reports. For example, you might look to see which players favor their left side and which have dominant right hands. This knowledge will help you play the best game possible. Smart defenders are good defenders.

TIP! Try to stay calm as you shoot. You have to focus directly on the basket.

What makes basketball so popular? Basketball is fun and easy to play. If you are an aficionado then the tips presented here will be very useful. Have fun playing the game, and use these tips to improve your skills on the court.