TIP! Make sure to dribble properly. Proper dribbling technique involves use of the fingertips, not the palm of the hand.

No matter if you’re male or female, basketball can be played by anyone. Almost anyone can get in the game if they want to. Assemble your inner circle and demonstrate your skills. Are you interested in becoming a better player? Read this article to learn more about basketball.

TIP! You may have better luck honing your passing skills if you forgo dribbling during practice. Playing the game without the use of dribbling is a challenge, but it can help you and your team learn to make more precise passes.

Pay attention to what you are good at. You might not have star ability, but you can be an outstanding team player. Figure out what you do well at and then you can practice that until you perfect it.

TIP! If you post up, you need to use good footwork to get open and make sure you get a good shot. You always want to beat your opponent to the open spot.

You should often work on your layups. This will make up about eighty percent of shots during any basketball game. Dribble the ball in front of you while taking large strides followed by a smooth shot. If you can do this right, you can master this shot.

Mental Focus

TIP! Play a good defense by knowing your opponent. Watch replays and follow scouting reports.

Free throws require as much mental focus as physical skill. It is possible to practice the physical movements needed to make such a shot, but when your mental focus is lacking, you are likely to miss. Take a deep breath, relax and imagine you are at practice to help yourself make the shot.

TIP! Focus on your footwork and core strength when working out. With strong core muscles, you will have better balance.

Practice your pass catching often. Don’t just work on waist-level, perfect passes, though, work on receiving tougher passes as well. When the pressure is on, not every pass will come straight to you. Therefore, learn how to catch any type of pass so that you can help lead your team to victory.

TIP! Videotape your games to see what you do right and wrong. Did you spot something that could be improved? Do not waste time criticizing yourself.

Would you like to fool the opposing team? Give the back pass a try! Hold the ball using your dominant hand. Then, bring the ball back behind you. Lastly, flick the wrist in the direction you want the ball to go. This will confuse the opposition.

TIP! If an opponent is staying with you, try passing the ball between your legs. Go forwards and backwards with the ball to practice bouncing it.

If you get injured while playing basketball, do not try to play through the pain. This is a physically challenging game, so you may end up hurt much worse. Being tough is one thing, but playing through injury can only harm you even further and make the problem much worse. Visit a doctor if you think it’s serious.

TIP! Use deception by looking elsewhere when you make passes. This trick can be used successfully to confuse defenders.

A great way to stay prepared at all times is to always face the ball. You develop a good feel for the game around you, making it much easier to quickly react to your opponent. Scan the court looking for openings to make a basket.

TIP! Your forearms and hands should be strengthened if you wish to handle the ball better. An exercise to help develop your basketball skills is to perform wrist curls.

Work on core strength when you work out. With a stronger core, you’ll be able to balance better. Your hip, buttocks, back and abdomen muscles need to be worked on. Jumping rope is great for improving your footwork and also helping you to gain speed.

TIP! Practice moving the ball from one courtside to the other in just 5 dribbles of the ball. This will help you to gain speed, stride length and control of the ball.

Always have an awareness of the location and movement of your feet. You will be called out of bounds if even one toe is touching the baseline as you hold the ball. You could also be the reason for a turnover if you get called for walking when you take more steps than allowed without dribbling. In addition, moving one foot while working on setting a screen or pick will produce a foul.

Defensive Stance

TIP! Improve your basketball skills by incorporating strength training into your fitness regimen. Stamina and physical strength are required for basketball excellence.

Once you are in your defensive stance, remember to hold your ground. Slide sideways and use your back foot to push off in order to maintain the defensive stance in stride. Keep your feet from crossing to make it hard for your opponent to get by you.

TIP! Keep your knees bent while dribbling. If you are standing up straight, you will have more difficulty controlling the ball.

It can be great help to do strength training when you’re training for basketball. In addition, stamina is important to the game, too. Younger kids can benefit from boosting their arm and leg strength with proper exercise. If you have been exercising regularly for years, it might be time to introduce weights into the mix. When you’re an adult you have to be sure to do strength training to do well on the court.

TIP! It is important that you remain in control of the ball despite which way your body is going. Dribbling during game play requires you to adopt a variety of dribbling skills.

You don’t have to worry about your basketball skills any longer. With the advice from this article on your side, your game is sure to improve. Keep in mind that the game of basketball is supposed to be a fun sport. But, it is always fun to win.

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