TIP! Concentrate on your strong points if you want to improve your game. If you can rely on your strengths, you will become a better player.

Do you daydream of being the next Michael Jordan when you’re out on the basketball court? Don’t just dream about it, do it! Keep reading here and you’ll figure out what can be done to accomplish this.

TIP! One good way to always be ready for whatever happens on the court is to never turn your back on the ball. You must always be prepared to receive a pass and you need to know where players are on the court.

Practice shooting free throws. It seems easy to do but surely isn’t. Make sure that you’re applying the following technique when practicing. First, hold the ball just above your nose, about 8 inches from your face. Look at the basket and imagine the ball going in it. Once you’ve visualized this, take your shot as you just saw it in your head.

TIP! Be aware of your own actions and the position of your feet. If you slide onto the baseline, you will lose the ball for being out of bounds.

The way to properly dribble is to keep your head up while looking ahead of you. If you have to look at the ball while dribbling, that means you need to practice more. Carry your basketball everywhere. Dribble as you walk to the market. If you’re trying to look at the ball then you’re not concentrating on what’s going on down the court.

TIP! Video tape your games, and then review your technique later. On tape, you can see all the opportunities you passed and how things could have gone better.

Your balance is an important aspect to consider when you are shooting. Your knees should be bent with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders. These players are using creative improvisation. If you are able to improve your sense of balance, then you will find that your percentage of successful shots improves.

TIP! Passing between the legs is great when you are being closely guarded. Step forward and back while dribbling the ball between your legs hard.

Ask your teammates what they like about the way you play. Can they tell you what you’re really good at? Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will allow you to develop your skills to become an all around better player. Find out how your game appears to others and develop your skills accordingly.

TIP! Practice passing while looking another way. This trick can be used successfully to confuse defenders.

In order to handle the ball correctly, spread your fingers out. That will ensure that it doesn’t get away from you as you hold it. Your palm should not be touching the ball. Whether you are passing or shooting the ball, your fingers are the only part of your hand that should be touching the ball.

TIP! To gain greater dribbling skill, always practice with the weaker hand as well as the more dominant one. Getting by an opponent should be a lot easier if you can dribble using both hands.

When working out, focus on building your core strength and perfecting your footwork. Your body is going to be more balanced and be able to move faster when you have strong core muscles. Work the muscles in your abdomen, back, buttocks and hips. You will improve your speed and footwork if you jump rope like boxers do.

TIP! Dribble with force to prevent the ball from being stolen. The harder you dribble, the faster the ball will return to the cup of you hand.

Improve your ball-handling by strengthening your hands and your forearms. Wrist curls can be effective at helping you to control the ball as if you’ll be dribbling in your sleep. Making a goal isn’t just standing there as the ball miraculously comes to you and then shooting it at the basket. Motion is key to being successful on the court.

TIP! It is important that you can clearly see everything that is occurring during a game. This isn’t just so you can read the scoreboard and be able to make shots and catch passes.

A good way to stay defensive is to have a defensive stance. Stay in the right position by pushing off of your opposite foot. Don’t allow your feet to cross, and this will make you a hard defender to beat.

TIP! If you want a 2-3 zone to be turned into a machine that traps, your two defenders that are guarding should wait until your point guard is around ten feet past mid court. They can then trap the point guard.

To make your shooting skills better, shoot from all around the court. To improve even more, practice dribbling the basketball and then pull up fast for a quick shot. Avoid looking at the basketball goal while dribbling the ball. You can improve your accuracy to help you when the game is live.

TIP! To improve 3 point shooting, practice from NBA distance, at least. All the other three point lines are much closer than the NBA line.

Try to contain the action to the area below your knees. This will lower the chances of your opponent being able to steal the ball. To help this occur, you must be bending, however it will speed up your efforts to move down the court.

TIP! Don’t just practice while static; try to move around while shifting your weight to learn how to best control the ball. This will have you ready for a game, when you will need to move any direction on a moment’s notice.

The hand not used to dribble the ball should serve as a wall separating the ball from the opposing players. Never push your opponent away because that ends up in a foul, but lightly use your other hand to keep separation between the ball and your opponent. This move helps to keep the ball protected and you in control of it.

TIP! The hand not used to dribble the ball should serve as a wall separating the ball from the opposing players. Avoid physical contact like pushing, but keep the ball from them by separating them from it.

Be careful not to double-dribble. You get called for double dribbling if you stop your dribble and then begin again. You only have two options once you stop dribbling, to shoot or pass. You cannot start dribbling again. This creates a turnover, which will cause you to lose the ball to your opponent quickly.

TIP! To become a much better basketball player, try speaking with teammates and learning what they do. You are sure to understand that it takes teamwork to play basketball.

When you return to the floor from a rebound, make sure your legs hit the floor at wider than shoulder-width apart so that you maintain your balance. Hold the ball with two hands tightly against your chest. Take care to ensure that your elbows do not strike another player, as this is considered a foul.

TIP! Practice all types of shots while in different distances and angles. Initially, you need to practice both your grip and your balance.

Now that you have read the above article, you have some tips for the next time you practice. You need to be confident and you have to practice. Keep all of the good advice you encounter in mind so that you can make it clear that you are very talented.