TIP! If you’re a jump shooter, don’t lift weights too often. While muscle strength is good to have in any basketball position, it is possible to have too much for perimeter play.

In order to be great at basketball, you must remain dedicated and practice often. Do you really want to be a good basketball player? You can gain valuable knowledge when you read this article.

TIP! Play games against yourself in and out of season. It is possible to enjoy this team sport even in the absence of your team.

Start out with proper balance before attempting to take a shot. We have all seen the professional basketball player falling out of bounds and making a basket from 30 feet away, but this is not proper technique. Taking a shot when you are off balance will probably lead to a turnover. By learning how to stay properly balanced, you can improve your game.

TIP! If you have a child that is strength training for basketball, their core muscles should be properly developed. That means their hips, lower back and abs.

Work on pass catches. You should practice catching errant passes, along with perfectly executed ones. When a game is underway, not every throw will be perfect. Make sure that your teammates also practice this type of pass with you.

TIP! To hold the ball right, spread your fingers out. That will ensure that it doesn’t get away from you as you hold it.

One great way to pass good is to drill when you can without dribbling. It is quite challenging to play the game without dribbling, but it does make sure you and your teammates make accurate passes. Even though this is not an easy drill, you will be rewarded for your efforts during game time.

TIP! One of the best ways to play a strong defensive game is to know your opponent. Review tapes and keep up with scouting reports.

Work on passing through your legs to add another skill to your arsenal. Take a step back or forward and bounce the ball hard through your legs. This move can give you an advantage when playing a tough defense.

TIP! When you’re working out, concentrate on core strength building and your footwork. Your body will naturally balance well if you have strong core muscles.

In order to be successful with layups, the foot that is opposite from shooting hand is the one you should take off from. If you use your right hand to shoot, use your left foot to take off. This balances your body when moving towards your basket. It keeps your body in between you and the defender.

TIP! If your shooting is in a slump, take a look at your shoulders. If you do not have your shoulders positioned properly, you will not make the shot.

You must have a consistent practice routine if you want to learn to shoot free throws well. If you are inconsistent then your shot will be off. The most effective method to achieve a great free throw is by practicing it repeatedly until you get it right. You will probably miss your shot if the routine you use is not perfect.

TIP! If you wish to do free throw shots reliably, always do the exact same thing before making each shot. Whatever you do, from bending your knees to dribbling three times, do every time.

If you want to better your dribble, start practicing with your weaker hand. Being able to effortlessly dribble with both hands gives you the ability to run both sides on an opponent and keep them off guard. You can actually force yourself to utilize your weak hand by tying your other hand behind you. Very soon, you will develop dribbling skills with the hand you considered weak.

TIP! If the opposing team is guarding you to much, you can try a pass between your legs. Refine this skill by bouncing a ball with force between the legs while stepping backwards or forwards.

Improve your ball-handling by strengthening your hands and your forearms. Wrist curls are great for working wrist muscles and improving your dribbling. Don’t think you can just go somewhere on the court, catch a ball and then make a successful shot. Things rarely happen unless you are actually moving the basketball.

TIP! Practice passing while not looking in the direction of the pass. This throws your opponents off.

You need good vision if you are going to play basketball. This will help you to secure the ball during the game. Your peripheral vision should be up to par. If you watch the entire game instead of just focusing on the basketball, you will be able to see open teammates and oncoming defensive players.

TIP! As soon as the ball leaves your teammate’s hands after a free throw, start moving into position. The person defending the position down-court from you will be coming at you, so you need to find any way you can to slide around him that gets you to the ball.

Whenever possible, take advantage of an attack. Taking charges gives you an opportunity to get defensive stops, get the ball and lay the groundwork for fouls. This can devastate a competitor psychologically as well as being a powerful play on the court.

TIP! Stay in your defensive stance while defending your basket against opponents. Slide your feet to and fro or use your opposing foot to push off to maintain your position.

When you are on the defense, the key is to stay as low as you can. This allows you to jump or react quicker. You must always utilize the proper defensive stance. If you must break your stance to block someone’s shot, return to formation as quickly as you can.

TIP! You need to be able to alter your opponents path. Whether you are playing offense or defense, gaining control over the path of your opponent is a critical skill.

When dribbling you want to keep your knees bent. When you are rigid, the ball is not only hard to control, it is also an easier target for a rival to steal. To help out your ball control, try bending the knees.

TIP! You don’t want to double dribble while on the court. You get called for double dribbling if you stop your dribble and then begin again.

If possible, keep the ball below your knees. This will make it harder for opponents to get the ball away from you. Although this means bending a bit, you will be able to move quickly down the court, particularly since you will be successfully avoiding those who are attempting to get the ball from you.

TIP! Try to stay calm as you shoot. Keep your eyes and thoughts focused on the basket.

You should always have your free hand between you and your opponent when dribbling the ball. You can’t push the person guarding you, but you can hold your arm out gently. By doing this, the ball will be better protected and you will have better control of the ball.


Use the techniques and tips from this article to become a great basketball player. You’re going to see improvement as you go on, so remember what you have learned, apply the tips, and keep practicing. This three-step plan leads you to success.