If you want to improve your soccer game, the tips below are a great way to start. Learning to play soccer involves practice as well as passion. Continue reading to learn ways to improve your game.

Buy your soccer cleats based on your skill level. Cleats made of plastic and other synthetics are great for beginners. Screw in cleats should be used for more advanced players.

Balls launched high into the air are very hard to properly control. Try making some low passes so other players can easily take control of the ball as defenders approach. Only make lofted passes when you are passing the ball to a far-away teammate who is all alone.

To get prepared to play soccer when the season comes around, in the off season you should increase your stamina by running long distance. Soccer players run many miles during an average soccer game; estimates are that 8-10 miles are the average. Running helps increase your soccer stamina and can eliminate the need for excessive breaks.

When playing soccer, the ability to surprise the opposition comes in quite handy. Try passing to the left while dribbling to the right. The defender may not be expecting that, opening up the field for your teammates. It may also surprise your team, but they will figure it out.

You need to wear proper shoes when playing soccer. Football cleats and tennis shoes are acceptable. Wearing inappropriate shoes can injure yourself and other players.

While confidence is important, being overconfident is bad and will hurt your game. Even if you’re a wonderful player, anything could occur. Playing as if you are untouchable increases the chance of an unexpected event that will throw your game off.

Wearing the correct soccer shoes is important to prevent injuries on the field. Grass games mean you need high-traction cleats. Permanent cleats with a firm grip are the standard for outdoor games. Cleats come in all sorts of patterns, so test them out for yourself.

Even if the field is muddy, you must have a shoe that grips in even slippery environments. Many soccer professionals prefer soft removable cleats for this type of situation. Additionally, wide spaced cleats will help you maintain control in slippery conditions. A good setup is four cleats midsole and two cleats on the heel.

Practice your dribbling, your passing, and your kicking skills each day while on the field. While it may get boring, these are the most important skills to be good at. Watch films of professional soccer players practicing so you gain skills from them.

Shin Guards

Shin guards are available in various types of material. Cheap materials usually offer less protection. Lower quality guards are made with plastic, and better ones are made with polyurathane. The higher the protection level, the more you can expect it to cost. Shin guards made from plastic should only be used by small children. As years go by, players will become stronger, which means the protection should be stronger as well.

Before beginning any workout, it is important to warm up. Warming up gets blood to your muscles so that they can work properly. Stretch or walk to prepare your muscles for the challenges ahead.

Be confident in yourself. Soccer is both mental and physical. If you are in control of your mind, you will be in control of the game. If you are worrying about making a mistake, you probably will. Focus on what it will take to score a goal rather than what the result will be if you don’t.

With this information now to hand, you have some great advice to utilize in your next soccer game. Take that motivation and put it to good use on the field. Trying to play soccer isn’t too simple, but it will bring you a lot of enjoyment.