TIP! Balance is vital to good shooting. We have all seen the professional basketball player falling out of bounds and making a basket from 30 feet away, but this is not proper technique.

What is there to learn when it comes to basketball? How do you become a great player and be able to show appreciation for the game? This article will provide you with great tips that will come in handy the next time that you go to play a game of basketball.

TIP! Free throws are as much mental as they are physical. You are able to train your hands and legs to free throw well, but if you think you will fail, you will.

Practice shooting free throws. It seems easy to do but surely isn’t. You should practice as often as possible with this technique. Place the ball right in line with your face. Visualize the ball sailing into the hoop. Shoot the ball how you imagine it going in.

Bounce Pass

TIP! One way to get a good understanding of your game is to ask your fellow players about your ability. Do they feel you are really good at something? It may be that you are quick on your feet or that you are always there to back them up.

Every great player understands how to properly perform a bounce pass. If done correctly, a well-executed bounce pass will reach the player in a way that allows them to move immediately with the ball. Aim for a firm bounce pass that hits the ground around 3/4 of the distance between you and the intended player. There are other factors you have to think about too, however.

TIP! One thing to consider if your shooting percentage drops is that your shoulders may be inconsistent when you are shooting. You won’t be able to make a shot if your shoulders aren’t in the right position.

How would you like to trick the opposing team? Back passes can give your team the opportunity to score while the other team is still wondering what happened. Use your dominant hand to palm the basketball. Then, move the basketball around your rear. Then you will use your wrist and flip it in the direction you want the ball to be going. This will confuse the opposition.

TIP! Quickness is something you have to have when playing basketball. You’ll have an advantage if you’re faster than an opponent.

Practice basketball in season and out of season. Sometimes during off season, or when practicing, you can’t play as a team or find even a single opponent. That is okay. It is possible to get a lot done even when playing alone. Practice pivoting or you can practice doing free throws. There is always something to practice.

TIP! Practice your footwork and control the position of your feet at all times. If you step on the baseline, you will be out of bounds.

Good footwork is important when you’re posting up in the paint. You must be certain to get the good spot ahead of your opponent. Plant your feet and own that spot. Strong footwork skills help to build both types of skills.

TIP! If the other team has a good defense, passing the ball between your legs is a good option. Refine this skill by bouncing a ball with force between the legs while stepping backwards or forwards.

You may get injured while practicing or playing. Don’t try to play if you are hurt. You can easily tear a muscle or even break a finger while playing. If you try to keep playing, you can hurt yourself worse. Serious injuries may require medical attention.

TIP! To trap the opposing players in a 2-3 zone, have the defending guards hold back till the opposing point guard has moved beyond the midcourt line by about ten feet. Then they need to get to the guard on point to trap him.

See if your teammates admire something in particular about your game play. Do they feel you are really good at something? Perhaps they see you as someone who is fast on the court, or that you’re a really good teammate. Find out what others perceive as your natural gifts and build upon those more completely.

TIP! In order to help develop your non-dominant hand, you should use that hand only when trying to open things, and also when brushing your teeth. Being more dexterous means you will have better control.

Remember to spread your fingers when handling the ball. This keeps it under control. Don’t let your palm touch the ball either. The only things that should touch the ball are your fingers, as you shoot or pass.

TIP! If you want to improve your three-point shooting, try and do it from the NBA distance, at a minimum. All other three point lines are closer than what the NBA uses.

During your workouts, concentrate on improving your footwork as well as your core strength. If the core muscles are in good shape, you will feel lighter on your feet. Focus on the back, buttocks, and hip muscle groups. Your speed and footwork can be improved by jumping rope.

TIP! Only cease dribbling when you are prepared to shoot or pass. The moment you cease dribbling, you have given yourself very few options.

A good basketball player is really quick on his feet. You’ll have an advantage if you’re faster than an opponent. You need to really drill to get to the point where you can play fast. However, don’t try and push past your limits. Doing so can cause the game to spin out of control as turnovers and faulty passes are made.

TIP! Practice dribbling as you sway your body from side to side. When you’re playing a game, you have to dribble when you’re in a lot of different situations.

Watch your own recorded games, and look for weak areas. Do you see how you could’ve handled a situation differently? When looking at the tape, don’t be too critical, but be honest. This gives you an unfettered view of how you actually performed on the court, rather than relying solely on your memory of the game.

TIP! Create a strong team environment on and off the court. Basketball is a sport that goes so much further when a team truly connects.

If you wish to shoot free throws better, you have to have a routine that’s consistent. When you stay consistent, you get better success. Free throw shooting is best improved by lengthy sessions of repetitive practice. A break in your routine will foul the shot.

TIP! Double dribbling is not a habit you want to get into. If you start, stop and then begin again, that is double dribbling.

Have you found the answers you seek? Are you now ready to play some B-ball? Do you think this article has helped you figure out how to be a more effective basketball player? Continue to practice and use the above advice and enjoy the outcome.