TIP! Make sure that you’re dribbling the ball correctly. When you dribble, use the fingertips, not the palm.

Are you ready to learn some new techniques? You play basketball and love it. However, you can’t know everything, and every good basketball player knows that. Perhaps this piece has something to offer you. Continue reading so that you can find some new ways to play this great game.

TIP! Practice hitting your free throws. This looks easy, but it is actually very hard to do.

A great way to hone your own basketball abilities is to watch the pros. It is important that you see how other people play the game. You’ll learn that every player is skilled at certain things and that can help you to know what you can do to get better.

Core Muscles

TIP! Watching the pros play is a great way to see how great basketball players use their skills in the game. It is important that you see how other people play the game.

If you have a high school level basketball player for a kid, be sure their core muscles are properly trained. Core muscles are comprised of the hips, lower back, and abdominal muscles. The core links both the lower and upper extremities. Without a strong core, they will have limited athletic performance. The stronger your core, the higher you will jump.

TIP! If you want to be a master of the jump shot, do not make weight lifting a priority. While muscle strength is good to have in any basketball position, it is possible to have too much for perimeter play.

Footwork is the best way to find an opening shot. While physical positioning is important, it is even more essential to move quicker than an opponent. Once you’re in position, you also need to secure your spot. Both skills rely on some solid footwork.

Serious Injury

TIP! Always be aware of where you have your feet and what you are going to do with them next. An errant toe to the baseline while holding the ball will result in an “out of bounds” call.

Never try to push through pain after an injury. Basketball is physically demanding, and it is easy to get hurt. Pushing through the pain often results in a more serious injury. If it is a serious injury, see a doctor.

TIP! A good way to see yourself playing is to have someone record your games. While reviewing the tape, look for opportunities you may have missed during the game.

You need to put a damper in your opponent’s plan if you want to be successful with defending. Force them to leave their comfort zone. Be aggressive as you execute your moves. Don’t let them dictate the game. This will give your opponent the advantage. To avoid this, stay aggressive and try to interrupt their thought patterns and rhythm.

TIP! When you are passing the ball, get used to looking in the other direction. This may confuse your opponents, greatly.

Practice drills where you strive to make it across the full court within 5 dribbles. While this is a challenging goal, working toward it will make you a much better player. In games, this drill will become useful when you have fast break opportunities.

Peripheral Vision

TIP! You must be able to box out other players when attempting to rebound free throws. The defender may be coming toward you, so its important to slip away from him and get the ball.

Practice noticing what is in your peripheral vision. This will prepare you for unexpected passes and help you evade defenders. Great peripheral vision is an asset. Being aware of the entire court will help you to better anticipate who will move where.

TIP! A great drill to try is to see how many dribbles it takes for you to make it across the court. The ideal number of dribbles is five.

Take a charge if you can. Taking a charge allows you a chance to earn a defensive stop, take the ball for your team, and sets up one more foul against the opponent. This can be devastating to the other team.

TIP! When you’re working with defense, staying low is a good idea. This helps your jumps become quicker and betters your reaction to the person before you simpler.

Strength training can be a major help in basketball. Strength and stamina are both needed to excel at basketball. Even the youngest kids that play will benefit from the game. As they reach their teen years, bring weights in to further enhance exercise. When they become an adult, weight training becomes mandatory.

TIP! When you dribble, keep your knees comfortably bent. If you don’t bend your knees, you are more susceptible to having the ball stolen by the other team.

If you want to build the dexterity of your weaker hand, start using it for everyday tasks like shining your shoes or opening doors. You will have more control as you use it to do daily activities that require dexterity. Your game will be noticeably better.

TIP! The hand not used to dribble the ball should serve as a wall separating the ball from the opposing players. Never push your opponent away because that ends up in a foul, but lightly use your other hand to keep separation between the ball and your opponent.

If you wish to do better a shooting three pointers, you should do it from where NBA players shoot from. High school lines, international standard lines, and college lines are much closer. You are less likely to be guarded, the farther you are from the basket.

TIP! Build your team in and out of the basketball court. A good basketball team usually comes from having a team that is gelling and in sync with one another.

Never stop your dribble unless you are going to shoot or pass the ball. You are limited once you cease dribbling. If you decide that you cannot shoot or pass the ball, all you can do is pivot onto the back foot. This will leave you open for double teaming from opponents and you may lose control of the ball.

TIP! It is necessary for you to change the path of your opponent. Whether you are in an offensive or defensive stance, make other players do what you want.

Make sure that you are exercising properly for basketball. Running sprints can make you faster on individual plays, while long-distance running helps you make it through a game with good stamina. Lifting weights can build the muscle you need for shots and the hustle of the game. The resulting confidence helps you have more reliable shooting.

TIP! Always know where the basketball is headed when it leaves a players hands. One of the biggest key plays in the game is the rebound.

Practice all types of shots while in different distances and angles. First, practice your balance and grip. It is possible to make an off-balance shot, but it has less accuracy. The valve that’s on the basketball can be used to improve your grip. Keep your dominant hand spread out, and place the palm on top of the valve; this is the basketball’s center.

TIP! One of thing you should learn if you are going to be a good basketball player is how to pivot. It is necessary to refine your footwork so that you an pivot successfully on a moment’s notice.

Foster a positive relationship with your team members regardless of whether you are playing or practicing. A team that works together is an unstoppable team. Once you and your teammates begin communicating, and even hanging out together in your spare time, your success should rise.

TIP! Dribbling is both mental and physical, especially for advanced athletes. You need to control the basketball spin, just how hard the contact is with the court and even where exactly it lands relative to your feet.

If you notice that a player is weaker with one hand, put them in a situation where they will have to use that hand. Step toward their strong side with your foot to force them to react by switching sides. Be prepared to grab the ball by keeping your body low and your head parallel to their torso.

TIP! Never argue with game officials. You do not have to agree with the call made, and asking questions of the officials is fine.

Passing is an important part of basketball. Good passing skills will help you baffle your opponent. It also gets everyone on the team in the game. You will certainly have your time to shine. You’ll have this time appear, so take your time and allow other to shine as well.

TIP! If your mind is always on the game, you will improve at a faster rate. This applies to time spent during practice, games, and even in the locker room.

Using these tips can renew your energy for playing on the court. It’s wonderful to learn something new and see how it ends up working for you. Don’t forget everything you’ve just learned. Basketball is a great sport to play.