TIP! You must become knowledgeable about hitting a free-throw shot. The execution of a free throw is not as simple as it may appear.

Do you enjoy basketball but feel like you’re behind on knowing all about it? You are not the only one. Very few basketball lovers can play at a high level. Read on to find out some pro tips that you can use.

TIP! Practice playing a man-to-man defense and zone defense. Most of the game is played in zone, but your opponent may try to switch things up to do man-to-man coverage.

You should often work on your layups. You should expect layups to represent about 80% of all the shots you take in a game. Dribble the ball in front of you while taking large strides followed by a smooth shot. This technique helps improve your on-court layup skills.

TIP! You can improve your passing skills by practicing a simple drill where dribbling is forbidden. It’s tough to play basketball minus the dribbling, and it causes you to pass accurately.

Making a free throw takes mental concentration as well as physical prowess. You can practice for hours on how to make the shot, but if you over think things or get distracted you will miss every time. You are more likely to make more successful free throws if you relax and focus on the basket.

Zone Defense

TIP! Avoid turning away from the ball so that you can always be prepared for what occurs on the court. This helps you become aware of the court and lowers chances for surprises from turnovers and quick passes.

Do not practice by playing against the zone defense. Learn how to play a man-to-man defense and a zone defense to get the best understanding of how the game works. Practice with each type of defense so you will know what to expect.

TIP! To properly handle the ball, you have to spread your fingers out. The ball will not get away if you always keep your fingers spread when handling the ball.

You can learn how to better pass the ball if you run drills without the dribble. It is difficult playing without dribbling; however, it helps the team make better passes. Don’t let it frustrate you, just be patient.

TIP! Your defensive game will be more successful if you know your opponents. Watch tapes and be sure you’re paying attention to scouting reports.

Would you like to pull one over on your opponents? How about the behind the back pass? Hold the basketball with your writing hand. Next, place the ball behind you. Then you will use your wrist and flip it in the direction you want the ball to be going. This should should thoroughly fool your opponent.

TIP! For more consistency in making those free throws, stick with the same sequence of motions before you take each shot. For example, you might tug your ear, dribble three times, or flex your wrists.

If you’re on the offense, you footwork needs to be excellent to stay open for passes and shots. While actually being beneath the basket is key, establishing a good position prior to the opposition is even more so. After positioning yourself on the court, make sure that you are secure. Strong footwork skills help to build both types of skills.

TIP! If an opponent is staying with you, try passing the ball between your legs. This will make it very hard for your defender to get it.

Your fingers should always be spread out when handling the ball. That will ensure that it doesn’t get away from you as you hold it. However, remember to keep your palm away from the ball. Only use your fingers to dribble, pass or shoot.

TIP! If you want to dribble the basketball better, you need to practice dribbling with your weaker hand. If both hands are useful for dribbling, your opponents will not stand much of a chance.

Build your core strength and focus on your legwork when you train for basketball. With strong core muscles, you will have better balance. Your hip, buttocks, back and abdomen muscles need to be worked on. Jump rope can be used to speed up your feet.

TIP! Try to strengthen your forearms and hands to better handle the ball. Exercises that involve strengthening the wrist are especially helpful for dribbling.

You must disrupt your opponent’s game when you’re playing defense. Don’t let them get comfortable. Use aggression with your moves. Don’t let them choose what plays to make. By doing so, the opponent will take advantage of you. To avoid this, stay aggressive and try to interrupt their thought patterns and rhythm.

TIP! Be slick with your feet so you can get a rebound from a teammate. Try to anticipate the move of the defender between yourself and the basket so that you can maneuver around him and to the hoop.

Your forearms and hands should be strengthened if you wish to handle the ball better. For example, you can improve dribbling skills by adding wrist curls to your routine. Do not remain in one place. It’s not likely that you will be able to successfully catch and shoot without moving. You have to learn to move the ball if you want something to happen.

TIP! Change up your pace so that you are not predictable to the offense. While you run at the net, plant the front foot and start straightening your body.

Dribble hard if you don’t want the ball taken from you. When you dribble hard, the ball bounces back to your hand faster. That means there is less time for the other side to grab it. Stop dribbling when people guard you too closely.

TIP! In order to improve your game, make sure you do plenty of strength training. In order to be the best you can at basketball, you need to be strong and hardy.

A great drill to try is to see how many dribbles it takes for you to make it across the court. The ideal number of dribbles is five. This will help you to gain speed, stride length and control of the ball. This is a vital skill to give you points on fast break opportunities.

TIP! Work on your 3 point shot by shooting from the established NBA distance. The line in every other league is closer.

In the final analysis, perhaps you enjoyed basketball before, but now you really understand it. Now that you possess some new tips on the subject, you should feel prepared to play with greater confidence. Use this advice the next time you’re playing a game of basketball.