TIP! You need to learn the correct way to dribble the ball. Instead of using your palm to dribble focus on using your fingertips.

Basketball is such a fun sport and loved by many. It’s not simple to be the most talented player, though. While athleticism and genetics might determine your rank somewhat, basketball can be fun for everyone. Read on to find out more.

TIP! Start out with proper balance before attempting to take a shot. Your knees should be bent with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders.

Dribble while your head is up and your eyes are forward. If you have to look at the ball while dribbling, that means you need to practice more. You can practice dribbling almost anywhere. Dribble the ball as you go about your day doing errands like walking the dog. Remember, if you are directly staring at the ball, there’s no way for you to see what’s happening on the court.

TIP! There is a lot of pressure when shooting free throws. Making the right physical motions is easier than having the right mind set.

To get better in your basketball game, focus on your strengths. The best talent you have isn’t going to have you starring in every highlight reel, but having a good skill set can benefit your team. Clear self knowledge and dedicated practice will make you the best at what you do.

Bounce Pass

TIP! Talk to your teammates and find out what they like about your game. Are you great at any one thing? You could potentially be excellent in one area while you are busy focusing on another, unaware.

It is important to know the right way to throw a bounce pass. Executed properly, a bounce pass will connect with the receiving player at the waist. Remember you should bounce the ball approximately three-quarters of the distance between yourself and the receiving player. Of course, there are factors that should be taken into consideration when passing using the bouncing technique.

TIP! Watch your shoulders if you obtain a shooting slump. If you do not have your shoulders positioned properly, you will not make the shot.

Want to become a better basketball player? Watch the pros! Whether seeing an all-pro on YouTube, attending a game in person, or sitting on the couch with buddies to watch your local professional team, there are many chances to observe the best. Watch great players to learn the specific skills that make them exceptional.

TIP! If you’re quick on the basketball court, you have a built in advantage. You’ll have an advantage if you’re faster than an opponent.

Need to dupe the opposition? Try a pass back! Use the dominant hand whenever trying a behind the back pass. Then, move the basketball around your rear. After determining which direction you want the ball to go, use a quick flick of your wrist to send it that way. You can use this action to deceive your opponents.

TIP! You must disrupt and upset the play of your opponent if you want to be successful as a defensive player. Don’t let your opponent get comfortable out there on the court.

Ask teammates what they admire about your playing skills? Do they feel you are really good at something? You could potentially be excellent in one area while you are busy focusing on another, unaware. When you find out what they think, you may learn a lot.

TIP! Build up your forearms to become a better ball handler. Curling your wrists also help you improve your own dribbling.

To properly handle the ball, you have to spread your fingers out. This makes sure that it does not escape away from your grip. Try to keep your palm off of the ball as well. When passing and shooting the ball toward its target, the sole contact point should be fingers.

TIP! Good footwork will help you get rebounds off your teammates’ foul shots. Be aware that the defender who is below you will start moving in your direction.

Build your core strength and focus on your legwork when you train for basketball. Your balance will improve if you strengthen your core. You must work out your hip, back and abdomen muscles. Just like boxers, you can improve your footwork and speed by jumping rope.

TIP! You should ensure that you can clearly see. You will need it for more than checking the scoreboard or passing and shooting.

Try practicing looking in the opposite direction when you pass. This can go a long way toward confusing the opposition. The look will cause your guard to turn away. It can be a really powerful move in the game.

TIP! Be sure that off-court exercises are proper for playing on-court. Sprinting exercises can help you to become faster, while running for long distances can assist you in making it through the whole game.

Launch your layup jumps from the foot that is opposite the hand you shoot with. This will allow you to shoot with your comfortable hand. That way, the body stays balanced while it moves toward the hoop.

Free Throw

TIP! Anticipate where the ball will go. For instance, corner shots usually bounce off the rim, ending up on the opposite side.

A routine can enable your free throw percentage to rise. Your shot could be off if you are inconsistent. Repetition is an excellent way to improve your ability to make each free throw. Stick with a routine until you can perfect it. Failing to stick with your routine can adversely affect your shooting accuracy.

TIP! Double dribbling is a major rule, and something that must always be avoided. A double dribble occurs when you’re done dribbling one time and then begin to do it again a little while afterwards.

To improve ball handling, consider focusing workouts on your forearms and hands. For example, you can improve dribbling skills by adding wrist curls to your routine. Do not make the mistake of thinking you can stay stationary, catch all the ball, and shoot them from that same location. You have to start moving the basketball around to get things to happen.

TIP! Focus on the ball whenever it leaves any players hands. A big part of a basketball game are rebounds.

Now are you prepared to take on the game and show off your skills? You should practice these tips first. Get to work and get to playing! Before long, you will be a much better player, thanks to these amazing tips.