TIP! It’s natural to be drawn towards offense as a novice, but the pros know defense is where the game is won or lost. Defense is what keep the other team from scoring.

No matter a person’s sex, basketball makes many people happy. People of every race, age, and sex can enjoy the fun and excitement of a basketball game. You can play competitively or play a pick-up game at your neighborhood basketball court. These new moves will surely enhance your enjoyment of the game. This article will teach you some great new moves!

TIP! Know how to dribble the ball in the correct way. Use the fingertips, not the palm, for the best dribbling.

Focusing on the offense may come easily but you need to be able to focus on the defense as well., Basketball games are often won by the defense. The offense gets lots of attention, but if the defense is lacking no basketball team will ever win a game.

TIP! Figure out how to perfect your free throw. These shots may seem easy, but they can be quite difficult.

To improve your game, concentrate on your strong points. Even though your best abilities might not make you stand out each game, it is sure to help you contribute to the overall success of the team. You can also focus on your weaknesses if you know what they are.

TIP! You must learn how to dribble, how a crossover is done and other important ball handling skills. Switch from one side to the other while dribbling.

Free throws are as mental as physical. Without a strong mindset, your body simply goes through the motions to take the shot. Stay calm and collected to increase your free throw percentage.

Watch professionals play to learn from their techniques. Go to actual games or watch on TV. You will notice great skills from different players that you can practice.

TIP! One way to help improve your overall basketball skills is to spend some time watching what the pros do. Go to as many pro games as possible, watch them on TV, or watch videos of them playing.

You want to be prepared for any type of defense the other team plays. Though much of the game is sure to be played within a zone pattern, the opposition may try to go man-to-man in order to confuse you. You may lose control of the game if you aren’t prepared.

TIP! If you are good at shooting the ball then the last thing you want to do is lift weights. Muscle strength is great for any position in basketball, you can have too much when it comes to perimeter play.

Make use of hand signals so that wild passes can be avoided. One of basketball’s most frustrating elements is the concept of sending a quick pass onto a teammate who has just moved in a different direction. You can get around that when you use hand signals, if a player can receive a pass. If your teammate misses your signal, then they may miss the ball as well and the other team could gain possession.

TIP! Are you interested in being able to fool the other team? The back pass is just the thing! Hold the basketball with your writing hand. Then, bring the ball back behind you.

The key to ball control is to spread your fingers out. This way, you won’t lose the ball when holding it. Don’t let your palms touch it. Whether you are passing or shooting the ball, your fingers are the only part of your hand that should be touching the ball.

TIP! Basketball players of all ages benefit from exercises that strengthen their core. The concept encompasses the abdominal muscles, the hips and the lower back.

In order to perfect your layup shooting technique practice, take off with your left foot if you shoot with your right hand and vice versa. What this practically means is that if your right hand is your shooting hand, you need to take off with your left foot. Your body remains balanced while you move towards the basket.

TIP! When you’re trying to work out, you should build up your core strength while getting your footwork perfected. Your body will be more stable and easier to move when you have strength in your core muscles.

A good way to develop ball handling skills is to make your forearms and hands stronger. Try doing some wrist curls as they are particularly effective in honing your dribble skills. Do not remain in one place. It’s not likely that you will be able to successfully catch and shoot without moving. You have to learn to move the ball if you want something to happen.

TIP! You should always be aware of the position of your feet and their actions. You will be called out of bounds if even one toe is touching the baseline as you hold the ball.

You can prevent other players from stealing the ball from you by dribbling hard. This means you get the ball back from your opponent faster. If someone is guarding you closely, stop dribbling and pass to someone else who is open on your team.

TIP! When you want consistently good free throws, repeat your routine. For example, many people touch their foreheads or tap their chest before making a free throw shot.

In order to ensure that you are always ready to defend, keep your stance at all times. Slide both feet side to side, or just push off using the opposite foot. Never cross your feet and your opponents will find you a difficult player.

TIP! The trick to grabbing a rebound on a teammate’s missed free-throw is to plan your footwork in advance. Defenders will start to move at you, so you need to get around them to grab the ball.

To convert the typical 2-3 zone to a trapping machine, get the best pair of defenders available to wait just until the opposing point guard reaches roughly ten feet beyond the mid-court line. At this point, your guards must rush the point guard thus trapping him. While that is happening, your forwards should race out to the opposing wing players. The point guard will then probably throw an easily interceptable pass.

TIP! In order to improve your game, make sure you do plenty of strength training. In addition, stamina is important to the game, too.

Use your non-dribbling hand as a barrier between your opponent and the ball. You can’t push with that arm, but it can serve as an obstacle that helps keep your opponent from reaching in. Just keep it up slightly while dribbling with the other hand.

TIP! An excellent tip to help you with shooting skills is to shoot the ball from different spots on the court. To help you get even better, practice dribbling the ball and quickly pulling up for a shot.

Be sure that off-court exercises are proper for playing on-court. You can run longer distances to build up stamina. To build speed, try doing wind sprints. Both are necessary for playing good ball. Lifting weights and doing resistance training is going to help you to build muscle to take shots. Your shooting abilities are greatly enhanced by a more self-assured, aggressive mindset.

TIP! Make sure you don’t pick up your dribble unless you are prepared for a shot or pass. After you halt the dribble, your options become quite limited.

Make a strong team both off and on the basketball court. Basketball games gain a new intensity when players can work as one effortlessly. When you feel like your team is part of your family, you have mutual trust. This bond will bring your game to new levels.

TIP! If someone is attempting a shot from one of the court’s corners, that shot (if missed) will probably bounce over to the opposite side of the net. If this is the case, you need to guess where it will end up and catch the rebound as a result.

Double dribbling is not a habit you want to get into. That happens when you stop one time, and start again in a few seconds. After you stop dribbling, your only options are to shoot or pass. Whatever you do, do not start dribbling once you stop. If you do, you are committing a turnover, and the other team will get the ball.

TIP! Make sure your team really meshes together off and on the court. Basketball teams that work together well can take the game to a new level.

When shooting the ball you have to be sure not to get nervous. It’s important to focus. Focus on the area of the basket where you want your shot to go. However, if you’re trying to make a layup, you have to look at where you’re going to shoot the ball on the backboard so it bounces in.

TIP! Make sure you leap for a rebound while in control of your body, and try to land with balance, and you are more likely to end up with the ball. If you wish to have better balance and power, then make sure you use both feet when you jump.

Practicing your skills will ensure that you are confident whenever you play. You can now impress your friends with the secrets that you’ve learned. Keep in mind that the game of basketball is supposed to be a fun sport. Whatever the case may be, it is fun to win the game.